"Falen was amazing! She knew how to keep me focused and encouraged throughout my unmedicated birth. She worked with my husband to support me, guiding him, so he could better support me. He wouldn't have really known what to do to help me, but she helped him be my hero!"    NK

Additional Testimonials will be posted shortly 


I was able to deliver my baby in four hours with no interventions or drugs and now I smile

when I talk about this day and it's all because of Tamara, my doula. I wouldn't have been

able to do it without her because so many times I wanted to give up, but she knew what to

say and what to do to encourage me, and she did an amazing job.

Postpartum - I don't know if I would survive without her help and tips on how to take care of a newborn. Any question I had, she knew the answer.  And sometimes I just wanted to talk to someone who understands how I feel and she was always there for me, and she still is even though my baby is 11 weeks now.

Tamara met us at the hospital and I remember only seeing her from there.  Her familiarity with the hospital was very comforting...
She knows so many different things to make you feel better (breathing techniques, massage, positions, etc.) She also helped my fiancé because he didn't know what to do and was scared, I think. But she showed him how, and told him what he could do to help, and we both really appreciated it...I don't think she even left me for a second, she made me feel like “I got this! “  

I had two more weeks to go when I met Tamara and I was amazed by her  - she's simply the best!!! I can't say enough about how great she is at what she does! She was born to be a doula! But Tamara is not just a doula, she's also a lactation educator, the best postpartum doula, amazing cook, homemaker, good friend, wonderful mama of five, and my Wikipedia!

Tamara is very professional ...- always prepared for a meeting with you to inform you of any and all aspects of birth and answer all questions that come to mind. She helped me to make my birth plan and was persistent in making sure I had what I wanted. She helped me to get ready mentally and physically and she was there for me day/night.

Tamara is amazing! I've used doulas twice before, and it was really beneficial. But they were nothing like her. Her calming presence brought out the best in me. And she knew just when to change positions, how to keep me focused, and could tell by listening to my breathing pattern what I needed next. And her massage...OMG! It really worked! I went in for a 9 and a half hour massage... and came out with a baby!