We can work with you to arrange a Concierge Care Plan to specifically meet your needs and the needs of your growing family. 

Falen Cook (A Family Affair Birth Services) teamed up with

My Modern Doula (Tamara Hobbs) to form a Mother-Daughter Birth Team.

It really is A Family Affair!

Doula birth services

  • Birth Doulas assist women and couples during pregnancy and birth.
  • Doulas are not meant to replace the spouse or birth partner, but rather compliment and work together to help meet the needs of the laboring woman. By working with a doula, partners experience much less "partner fatigue" and are much more available to support their partner in labor.
  • Doulas are able to support partners to be at their best, by helping them know when and how to utilize techniques that they may have been shown in childbirth prep classes, but really don't know how, or when those techniques really work.There is a lot to timing, and unless they do it quite often and regularly, it is really unfair to expect a partner to remember all the moves!
  • Two sets of hands are better than one! Doulas know the massage techniques that bring calmness and pain relief to a woman in labor, and while we never replace the partner, we work together to bring the relaxing art of massage right into her labor room.
  • As a Doula, I have the opportunity to support my clients with Continuity of Care because unlike the nursing staff, we don't have "shifts." We are there until you give birth, plus 1 to 2 hours postpartum.
  • As a Certified Lactation Counselor, I am able to assist with First Latch, and even able to do pre-birth breastfeeding education to help you prepare for those first few days and weeks of breastfeeding your baby. It's so important to get off t a good start!

Beyond traditional.

my modern doula also offers care above and beyond the traditional childbirth doula. We offer Postpartum Doula care for mom, baby and siblings while mom recovers and the family begins to bond. But sometimes, mom needs a nap and someone to take care of the baby.

Or simply an uninterrupted shower.  Perhaps some light house cleaning and meal preparation.

big brothers and sisters need to feel included

We have been down this road many times, but the little ones around the house are about to graduate to being big brothers and big sisters. We have some tricks up our sleeves to help the whole family make the transition when the new baby arrives.

                                                                                         WE WORK WITH THE FAMILY, TOO

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