Does Insurance cover the cost of doula services or lactation services?

      Each insurance company has it's own policies on what they will reimburse, but it is a good idea to ask. We are hearing of more services being covered, including free breast pumps. And if you have a HSA fund, you can use that as well.

Did you know?..

     We offer a Shower Gift Plan that allows family and friends to help cover the cost of a Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula Services as well as Certified Lactation Counseling services. It's easy and it's fun! And to show them how much you appreciate their thoughtful gift, we take photos and make Thank You card to send to those who help support you in this special way.

Will my doctor mind that I want to use a Doula?

      We have build great relationships with physicians and midwives in San Diego and are seen as an integral part of the birth team. And nurses love us! We have the ability to provide continuity of care, without shift changes, unlike any other member of the birth team. We are regularly praised for our outstanding commitment to our laboring clients, not only for being by their side until they deliver (plus 1.5 - 2 hrs after birth), but also for the amount of time we spend in advance preparing our parents and teaching them how to work with their bodies in an efficient way. This makes the labor and deliveries easier on all, leading to a more satisfying birth experience for our clients and their physicians. 

What about my family and friends?

      Many women choose to have family, friends or their other children attend their birth, and that's great. It's your's your choice! 

How can I schedule my complementary consultation?

         It's easy - just call 858-254-8791 or go to our "contact" page, and drop me a note.

I look forward to working with you to help you have a fulfilling birth experience!

But I have a birth partner...

        That's fantastic! Doulas don't replace birth partners. We work with couples ensuring the birth partner can participate and share in the birth experience at a more comfortable level. We share techniques to allow your partner to be able to deliver effective comfort measures throughout your labor.  And the best part is that we find the birth partner often feels more confident and equipped, with less partner fatigue, than couples going it alone.  We provide support and TLC for them, too, because we know how important this experience is for both of you! And since a doula is with you until you deliver, you have the comfort of knowing you will never be alone when your birth partner needs to grab a bite to eat or catch a quick nap. 

       However, we are very sensitive to your personal space as a couple, so during a quieter time in labor, we may step out for a few moments to allow you two to share some private time together as you await the arrival of your baby.

How can a Doula help me?

As professional Doulas, we are here to support you and be your advocate. We work within an evidence-based standard of practice that has been medically proven to help improve the birth experience, decreasing the need for interventions, including cesareans, providing increased maternal and couple satisfaction, and improved bonding with your baby. We also believe in the Integrative model of care, caring for the whole person, mind, body and spirit.