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Falen Cook

Professional Birth Doula

Mom of 3 awesome kids, whose passion is to support and empower women to have an amazing journey through their birth into motherhood.

Doula: Ancient Greek word for a woman who serves; Now used to specify a trained and experienced professional who provides continuous physical, emotional and informational support to a mother before, during and immediately after birth, and potentially during the postpartum period.





About My Modern doula  

My Modern Doula is the result of the belief that women need to once again believe in the normalcy of childbirth. Women have been birthing children since the beginning of time. It is a physiological process that a woman's body was made to do. Historically, women of all cultures around the world have come together to support the laboring woman, sharing their focus, calming her nerves, soothing her discomfort, and creating a safe emotional space for her to labor and deliver her baby.

By contrast, our society has transformed the concept of labor and delivery to what is created for TV and movies. (And I am here to tell you, that's not a real portrayal at all.)  Add to that the intimidation of the high tech environment of the modern hospital, and it is no wonder people expect childbirth to be a chaotic and scary experience. And it doesn't have to be. In fact, in my experience, it is usually a calm, focused process, as we all work together toward our common goal.



modern, calm, focused

Our modern, calm, focused approach works because we teach our clients to understand that labor isn't being "done to them" but rather it's a natural process that they were created to do, while working with their baby. We utilize various movements and positions to help ease the baby down, while using comfort measures such as massage, applied pressure/counter pressure and even accupressure to help bring relief.

                                           Although each pregnancy and subsequent birth is unique, one thing remains the same:

                                                                      When a woman feels cared for, informed, and listened to, along with  plenty of emotional,

                                                                      educational and physical support, she feels calmer, more in control, and empowered as

                                                                      she works with her body to bring her baby into the world.

                                                                                    It's an honor to provide that to the women I serve.

Personal Support

We realize each woman has her own specific needs and requires different levels of support. Some women live near family and friends where they may have a good support system, while others may live alone or have a partner who may find themselves away on business a lot, or if serving in the military.  Perhaps you are a single woman and are preparing to be a single mom. Regardless of the scenario, many women find themselves needing a reliable birth partner and Doula rolled into one, and we are more than happy to help. We don't want any woman feeling like they are going this alone, and we will pay special attention to help hold that space and provide extra TLC as you progress through pregnancy and prepare for your birth. 

A growing team...

My Modern Doula is happy to announce that our family has expanded, too! It seems my passion for birth work is contagious, and I am pleased to announce that we have a new birth business under our umbrella.  Falen Cook and A Family Affair Birth Services will make a tremendous contribution to the families we serve.