A Family Affair Birth Services is a division of My Modern Doula, Inc., comprised of a mother-daughter birth team, Tamara Hobbs &

       Falen Cook, along with the newest doula in the family, Brittany Gilbert. It really is A Family Affair!

"Falen was amazing! She knew how to keep me focused and encouraged throughout my unmedicated birth. She worked with my husband to support me, guiding him, so he could better support me. He wouldn't have really known what to do to help me, but she helped him be my hero!"    NK

  A Family Affair Birth Services, in association with My Modern Doula, offers services to  meet all of your needs, from the prenatal phase, education, birth doula services,  postpartum doula services, lactation support, and group support through our

 Mommy & Me and Mommies-to-Be Tea & Socials.        

  For additional information on our events please go to MyModernDoula.com or call  Tamara Hobbs     at (858) 254-8791.

"I am passionate about supporting women as they take the wonderful journey into motherhood.

Having 3 kids of my own, I remember how my life changed with each one. Beautiful changes. Intimidating challenges. And moments I wasn’t quite sure how I’d make it through.  But with the support of those around me, I did. And now I have dedicated my life to paying it forward."                                                           - Falen Cook

          Being at your birth would be an honor I would cherish, and I look forward to supporting you as you prepare to birth your baby.

​                                Therefore, we believe in utilizing the integrative, whole body approach,

               not seeing a woman as a patient, but rather a unique person, preparing to birth her baby.


         A Family Affair Birth Services exists because we believe that Birth is not an illness, but a wholesome,                                                     natural process that demonstrates the strength of a woman. 

  Meet Falen Cook

  Professional Birth Doula

  Mom of 3 awesome kids,

  whose passion is to support and empower women to       have an amazing journey through their birth into               motherhood.

  To speak with Falen or set up an interview:

  (858) 663-5142




Focusing on supporting your physical comfort and emotional needs during labor, I will work with you to gain confidence in knowing what to expect during your labor and birth, build skills for coping by teaching you how to surrender to the birth process, reduce your risk for unnecessary medical interventions, and teach you how to work with your body to birth your baby.

As a doula, your needs and wants for your birth are my priority. 

My only goal is to help you bring your baby into the world with as much peace, love, and support as possible.

Keeping up to date with continuing education and the latest research and evidence based practices & policies helps me stay current on what is going on in a hospital setting, while being equally comfortable in alternative birth settings.

My calmness and compassion will guide and anchor you, while also working with your partner to allow them to participate at the level they choose, without feeling the responsibility of knowing all the intricate details of position changes, timing, helping you stay focused, and advanced comfort measures.

What to expect:
During our prenatal visits in the weeks or months leading up to your birth, we’ll talk about any concerns you may have, as well as discuss your hopes for your pregnancy and delivery. We will go over relaxation, pain management, the HUGE benefits of massage throughout labor, and a birth plan too. On this journey through pregnancy into motherhood, you’ll know you are never alone.  You’ll find a comfortable place to ask questions, embrace the unknown, and resources to draw from regarding all aspects of birth and the newness of motherhood.

Qualifications: I am a professionally trained Birth Doula, certifying with ToLabor, an organization that focuses on the integrative, whole body approach, recognizing that mind, body and spirit all work together, and that birth is not an illness but a wholesome natural event.


I am offering reduced fees while I submit for certification.
I have attended c-sections, vbac, medicated, and unmedicated births. I have experience breastfeeding newborns, and have also bottle-fed, and am up-to-date on the safety standards of both feeding methods.

My heart also goes out to helping military and LGBTQ families, single moms and teens who may need additional support.